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Easy Macapuno Leche Flan Recipe


For the Caramel Sauce:

  • 1 cup granulated sugar

  • 1 cup macapuno strips

For the Custard:

  • 1 can (300 ml) sweetened condensed milk

  • 400 ml coconut cream

  • 6 egg yolks

  • 3 cups hot water

  • 1 tsp vanilla essence

  • 1 tsp lemon or dayap zest


  1. Put the granulated sugar in a small saucepan.

  2. Apply medium heat and caramelize the sugar, until amber in color (be carefull not to burn).

  3. Pour the caramel syrup into the llaneras or any oven-safe molding dishes.

  4. Set aside and allow to cool then add- in the macapuno strips.

  5. Preheat oven the to 350 F or 175 C.

  6. Combine the rest of the ingredients (except the hot water) in a mixing bowl.

  7. Mix thoroughly and strain the mixture.

  8. Gently pour it into the molding dishes and cover them with aluminum foil.

  9. Place the molding dishes into a deep baking pan and pour the hot water into the baking pan. Bake in the oven for 75 to 90 minutes.

  10. Do a toothpick test to see if it is done, otherwise, put it back in the oven and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

  11. Allow to cool then refrigerate overnight. Enjoy!


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